Creativity Connects Cultures

The Importance of Individual Approaches in Education

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The second edition of the “International Conference on Giftedness, Education and Development” connected scientists from diverse faculties: psychologists, sociologists, economists as well as many educational scientists and – most important – motivated teachers who are striving to continuously improve in their difficult job. Supported by the Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development it not only addressed important questions on the future of education in a fast changing world but was able to provide hands-on approaches, many of them easy to implement in school life.

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LANGE NACHT DER ARCHITEKTUR in München am 20. Januar 2017

Wohnanlage wagnisART in München, Domagkpark

Die Lange Nacht der Architektur richtet sich an alle architekturinteressierten Münchner sowie an die Aussteller und Besucher der BAU, der alle 2 Jahre in München stattfindenden Weltleitmesse für Architektur, Materialien und Systeme. Die Idee, mit der LNDA das Thema Architektur in die Stadt zu tragen, stiess schon zur Premiere im Jahre 2011 auf große Resonanz: 10.000 Besucher genossen die ungewöhnliche Erkundung der Landeshauptstadt, die Fortsetzung zwei Jahre später zog bereits doppelt so viele Architekturfreunde an. „LANGE NACHT DER ARCHITEKTUR in München am 20. Januar 2017“ weiterlesen

SMILE for Future – European Fridays For Future (FFF) summit in Lausanne

Scottish Kid reading declaration 20190809_103352
One of the youngest partcipants, 11 year old Finlay Pringle from Scotland, reads the „Declaration of Lausanne“ at the final press-conference

More than 450 young activists from 38 countries gathered in Switzerland to discuss the future of the movement

The week-long conference held in Lausanne from August 5th to 9th 2019  provided an unprecedented opportunity for the Fridays For Future movement to meet and exchange ideas. In over 60 workshops and working groups, intense discussions took place and were synthesized during three plenaries. The main results are represented in the “Lausanne Climate Declaration” and the “SMILE Working Papers” which were released on the last day, reflecting both the seriousness of the climate crisis and the diversity of the movement.
The highly transparent and democratic procedures the 450 FFF activists from all over Europe strongly united behind a core declaration and three fundamental demands directed to the ones in power:

  • Ensure climate justice and equity
  • Keep the global temperature rise below 1.5 °C compared to pre-industrial levels
  • Listen to the best united science currently available

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4B: Berlin – BigData – BitKom – Boom

Smart Study Pitch 20190410_172220Der Big-Data.AI Summit, Europas größte Konferenz zu Künstlicher Intelligenz und Big-Data, fand am 10. und 11. April 2019 in Berlin gemeinsam mit der als interaktives Business Festival statt. In zahlreichen Vorträgen, Paneldiskussionen, Masterclasses und praxisbezogenen Workshops wurde auf insgesamt elf Bühnen ein umfassender Einblick in neueste digitale Technologien und deren Auswirkungen auf Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft geboten. Im Digital Arts Lab, einer begleitenden Pop-Up-Ausstellung, wurden Arbeiten von Grenzgängern zwischen Technologie und Kunst gezeigt. „4B: Berlin – BigData – BitKom – Boom“ weiterlesen

Bretter, die die Welt bedeuten – (Schul)-Theater als Weg zu sich selbst

Don Giovanni Reloaded – Highway to Hell Nach 13 Monaten Vorbereitungszeit hatte am 24. Januar 2018 „Don Giovanni Reloaded – Highway to Hell“am Rupprecht-Gymnasium in München Premiere. Was als einfaches Schultheaterprojekt begann, hatte sich am Ende zu einer vollwertigen Musiktheaterproduktion … Bretter, die die Welt bedeuten – (Schul)-Theater als Weg zu sich selbst weiterlesen

A Conference with Charisma – Tackling the challenges of Giftedness in Europe

“The Greek word for giftedness is “Charismatikotita”. Charisma means “a divinely conferred power or talent”. Maybe it’s this divine dimension that makes it so hard for this word to be accepted by the public. Or is the limited knowledge on the subject to be blamed? Everybody thinks their child is gifted, but do they know what being gifted actually is? After all, talking about giftedness is still quite a taboo in my country.”
This was how Sotiria Kotopoulou described the challenges she faced after her eldest son had been identified as gifted in the first grade of a public primary school in Athens. The working mother of three painted a very vivid and emotional picture of her journey from a confused and stressed parent to the official Parent Facilitator of Mensa Greece since 2016. In her new volunteer position Sotiria has been addressing the following key questions in dialogue with other parents as well as within the Greek Mensa chapter:
What is the current situation about identifying and supporting a gifted child in Greece?
What is the attitude of the Greek society toward the gifted?
What are the difficulties faced by gifted children within the Greek educational system?
Do Greek parents of gifted children get the support they need?
And finally:  What does Mensa Greece do to help them?

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Fans All Over – A Royal “Don Quixote” Visiting Chicago

The Royal Ballet‘s first visit to Chicago since 1978 as one of only three stops on its US tour concludes the Auditorium Theatre’s 125 anniversary season. The production of “Don Quixotedevised by Royal Ballets Cuban Principal Guest Artist Carlos Acosta in 2013 is a wonderful vehicle to showcase both the company’s tradition of the classics as well as its brilliant dancers. As most remakes it is deriving from the version staged by Alexander Gorsky for the Bolshoi Theatre of Moscow in 1900, who had adopted a lot from the original 1869 choreography  by its French-Russian creator Marius Petipa.A Corps de Ballet of Sheer Perfection

The Royal Corps de Ballet – Perfection and Petals

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Venice – torn between Visitors and Visions

Venice! Venezia! Just mentioning the name triggers images of sheer beauty, romantic gondolas in canals, passionate love affairs, wild James Bond chases and the unique atmosphere of the Venetian Carnival. So it comes as no surprise that for many people in the world visiting Venice it is a dream they want to come true. „Venice – torn between Visitors and Visions“ weiterlesen